Make the Best of Your Website Hotel Design With these Helpful Guide for Designers
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How to Optimize a Website for Hotel Bookings

In today’s time, owning a hotel, inn, lodge or a bed and breakfast means owning a website as well. This is because the internet nowadays is the primary source of information of almost anything about everything. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and start creating fantastic hotel website design to boost your sales and income.

65Before you start designing your hotel website, here are important ways that you can use to create a website that would attract more guests near and far.

Create a mobile-friendly design. If you might have noticed, almost all people these days own a smartphone and access to the internet. And most people use the internet to find information about all the things that they need. Hence, it is crucial for your website to be mobile friendly as possible. A website that look and function great on any device is a winner. Design your webpages in such a way that guests on the go can look up for any last minute accommodation and are quite responsive according to their preference.

Emphasize what sets your hotel apart from others in great detail. Think about your hotel as one of the hotels that sit squarely in one of the bustling districts of New York City. What would make your place different and unique from the rest of the pack? Do you have a warm fireplace that burn all throughout the winter in the lobby? Do you have a grand piano playing relaxing songs at the reception area? Flaunt them, if you have them.

Allow rooms to be reserved directly through your site. Most people who are looking for a place to stay would want to book a hotel in just a few clicks. A website that takes a visitor from one page to another during a booking process is a big turn off for modern guests. Single click payments and instant answers to their questions are what most guests would prefer to experience when navigating a hotel website.

Own up to reviews elsewhere about your service. Nowadays, anybody can leave comments, feedback and reviews about hotels, inns, or lodge that they have experienced staying on. Sites such as Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Oyster are places where guests share their experience about certain hotels. Own up to these external reviews and respect your guests’ opinion about your hotel. The more honest these reviews are, the more reliable your hotel actually is.

Make it easy for guests to contact you. If you want to ensure that your guests will feel that they are taken care of appropriately, your job is provide them them open lines to reach you whether they are inside or outside your hotel. Provide easy alternatives where guests can reach you for any concern such as social media platforms, live chat, or a contact form.

Impress your guests with an excellent hotel website design. It is one thing to have a “good” website, but another to have one that is convincing enough to make your potential guests to make the action you want them to do.

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